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Reneseme Cullen ([personal profile] shows) wrote2010-09-05 06:20 pm

Age: 16

Jacob! I want to go cliff diving. Daddy said no.

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I'll be ready in fifteen. You?

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I knew you'd say that. I already have my swimsuit on. I'll meet you at the treehouse.

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Well, I can be there sooner if I don't clean all this grease off.

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I have a brand new bikini. No grease on it until it's at least been wet.

[And expecting her not to touch him or vice versa on the way to the cliffs is ridiculous]

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Hey, you're the one jonesing. Meet you there in fifteen.

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Shower fast!

[But she is waiting at the treehouse, sitting on the balcony and swinging her legs]

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[Twenty minutes later (hey, just because he's fast doesn't mean showers don't deserve to be enjoyed thoroughly) Jacob is loping up the hill and ringing the treehouse bell.]

Jeez, c'mon lazy. Thought we were leaving by now!

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[Nessie hops over the railing of the balcony, landing lightly on her feet and immediately launches herself toward Jacob in a hug]

Hey you're the one who had to get all pretty in the shower.

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[Almost bowled over, Jake manages to keep her upright and off the ground.]

Whoa-- get? I'm always pretty! I just have to let it show sometimes!

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[Nessie pulls out of the hug, her hand sliding down his arm to twine her fingers with his]

It's gotta be hard...I mean some of us the pretty shines through whether we want it to or not.

[Yes that is a devilish little smirk]

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[Have a playful tug at that hand.]

Yeah well when you're a wolf, your personality's what shines through.

[Aaaand also some cross eyes and wonky happening with Elvis Lip and a major double chin.]

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[You're getting a snort/giggle here, Jacob]

So that's why the wolves are so special. [She might be invoking other meanings here...maybe...okay definitely]

[Have a dorky look back]