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Rowan App  

1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Kristi
Personal LJ: bashipforever
Contact Information: rageiscute (AIM) writer@allengames.com

2. Character Information
Name: Renesmee Carlie Cullen AKA Nessie
Livejournal Username: [livejournal.com profile] rathershowyou
Fandom: Twilight Saga (Breaking Dawn specifically)
Image: http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/97021619/24592481
3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: Nessie looks like a 16 or 17 year old girl. She’s actually immortal and only about 6 or 7 years old. It’s a whole fast growing thing **See history and such.
**head canon//post story//growing up history can be provided. It will be based on and grow from what we’re told in the book so that I can avoid contradicting what is known but naturally some of the finer details will be my brain.

Renesmee is a little shy and quiet until she gets to know a person. Once she does know someone, she’s much more friendly and willing to ‘talk’. For the people that know of her ability to communicate wordlessly, she’ll often use this method instead of verbally communicating. This is exacerbated when she’s nervous, afraid, tired or uncomfortable. With some people, it’s just easier and more familiar. She will not show this ability to anyone she doesn’t know though. It’s something she had to keep hidden from anyone that wasn’t friend or family. Nessie reasonably confident in herself (it would be difficult not to be when everyone she knows loves and adores her and tells her how amazing she is). She worries a great deal about the people she loves. She’s possessive of them and likes to be able to keep track of them. She also has the utmost faith in the people she loves, rarely doubting them. Nessie is joyful. She delights in things like snowflakes, flowers and rainbows.

For all of her good qualities, Nessie naturally has some bad ones. She’s spoiled and likely very rarely been told no. She has little regard for the value of material things as her whole life they’ve been treated as disposable. She’s willful and petulant when she doesn’t get her way but she can be cajoled and talked into things by the people she cares about. She’s naïve because she’s been sheltered most of her life. She’s entirely too trusting for her own good. She’s a little bit arrogant and likes to show off things like her agility and speed. She doesn’t like to be told she’s wrong either. All of this has been fed into by her family because Nessie is something of a miracle. She has excellent control of herself, able to understand from a very young age that humans are friends, not food. She’s very concerned with whether people like her or not and she wants very much to be liked.

**The above can be easily gleaned from canon. All of this is apparent in Nessie as a child. From this point on, her history and personality is my interpretation and building upon what is told.

Naturally as Nessie gets a little older, things like insecurity creep in on occasion. She doesn’t fit in with other children her size or technical age. She prefers the company of adults. Her control of her hunger suggests that she’s got a great deal of willpower when she makes up her mind. This is further supported by the stubbornness she exhibits when she wants something she’s not allowed to have. She’s has the ability to be logical, shown in canon to be able to reason through problems and come to conclusions but she doesn’t always behave incredibly logical, tossing it out the window in favor of her own whims. To me this is a very typical teenage girl trait. Like any girl her age she’s warring with hormones and emotions and uncertainties. Nessie’s entire life is changing (even before the stop off in Rowan). She’s nearing the end of her physical maturity. She’s struggling with the idea noticing boys for the first time, romantic love and the Future (with a capital F). She’s thinking about what she does with the rest of her eternity and noticing that everyone else in her life is paired up. Very soon she’ll begin to notice her Best Friend might be more than Best Friend material. She’s trying to figure out how the world beyond her little bubble works and where she fits in that bigger picture. That’s going to be particularly hard for her without the largest part of her family there to help. Nessie commits whole heartedly to things, particularly emotions. If she’s happy, she’s entirely happy. If she’s sad, she’s heartbroken but she rebounds quickly. She’s never been allowed to wallow as there was always someone there to pull her out of a funk so she doesn’t really know how to wallow now. She’s got a bit of a temper, inherited from her mother, and she’s prone to throwing things, stomping her foot and occasionally punching the object of her fury but because she was cautioned so while growing up, she’s very careful to make sure the object of her fury can take the hit unscathed.

Renesmee has very little work ethic as she hasn’t ever really worked. She’s not lazy but she doesn’t know what it is to have a job or to do manual labor. There was never any reason to have a job. Her education was more of a home school situation where she was instructed by various members of her family because of the need to keep her rapid growth a secret. She doesn’t adhere to a schedule very well because most of the time her ‘teachers’ were prone to cave at the first sign of a quivering lip. Jacob is one of the few people who are brutally honest with Nessie so she will have to learn to take criticism.

Explain the outward personality and inward psychology of the character. Should be at least a few paragraphs, and should include the 'what' AND the 'why' of who they are.
Nessie is half vampire/half human. This gives her preternatural speed, grace and strength (likely slightly slower and weaker than a vampire or wolf). It is suggested that in all likelihood her skin is the same (or close to) diamond hard of a vampires but no one is willing test that out and risk hurting her. She glows faintly in direct sunlight; noticeable but not overtly so. She is immortal and Alice (the precog of the family) can’t see Renesmee at all (**to me this suggests that all precogs have a hard time seeing her. This is something that could be tweaked and adjusted). Alice can see ‘around’ Renesmee if she concentrates but where Nessie’s part in the future is, there’s just a ‘hole’. Obviously it is much more difficult to hurt her than a normal human. Her bones are much, much stronger almost unbreakable except by another vampire or werewolf.

Nessie can also ‘put’ thoughts into the heads of others. It is shown that she can broadcast her thoughts, feelings, wants and memories to people in the form of pictures in their heads. It is implied that as she gets older and her power becomes stronger she will be able to put any thought she wants in their head (IE a fear or an order or whatever. Go Jump Off A Cliff. BEST IDEA EVER). She would use this as a defense.

She learns ridiculously quickly and has a voracious appetite for knowledge. It is highly likely she knows different languages and a variety of information ranging from medical (from Carlisle and Edward) to sports (from Emmett), designers (Alice), musical (Edward) and historical (Jasper). She’s got a fantastic memory, able to recall things from the past in crystal detail but her memories are biased, all slanted and remembered from her own point of view.

Physically, Nessie has a body temperature of about 106 (described as possibly a couple of degrees cooler than Jacob’s 108). Her heart beats quite a bit faster than a human’s (bird heart beat is the exact description).

Reason for playing:
What is interesting to me about Nessie is that her story is one we’re told the beginning of but never the middle or an end. In the books, she’s a plot device that smoothes everything out and makes it all okay. I think it would be interesting to go beyond that; to see how she develops into a person and a grown up, how she deals with some of the things introduced in the beginning of her story and how she balances some of the abilities, advantages and disadvantages of her life. The author of the series has said that were she to write any more sequels she would write them through Nessie or Leah Clearwater’s point of view. That interests me as well; just the idea of the potential the future might hold in that world and through Nessie’s eyes.

Nessie is going to initially have a hard time being in Rowan. She’ll be homesick, she’ll miss her parents and the rest of her family. She’s always been very secure in the idea that her family will always be there and she will never be abandoned because most of her family is immortal. She’s never really been afraid of the dark, afraid of being harmed or taken. She knows the people she loves would never let that happen. These are issues she’ll have to deal with. Ultimately she’ll transition fine. She’s not much of a fighter but she likes people; she doesn’t really have any experience with people who don’t like her so the naïve and trusting qualities will work for her. Once she feels accepted, she’ll help rebuild, serve the role of caretaker and things like that. She’s very empathic and sympathetic so I don’t think interacting will be a problem. She will not be learning magic. She might wish to learn self defense but that’ll come through RP.

4. Samples
First-Person: (5-10 sentences)
This is bizarre and kind of amazing. I guess the diaries are a good thing in that case. I can write it all down. It’ll be a story to tell my grandchildren, like the ones my grandfathers tell me.
I feel like Alice in Wonderland except I’ve fallen into some lush medieval fantasy instead of a rabbit hole. Is that offensive to anyone to call this place medieval? The robes are nice, even if Alice wouldn’t approve of robes as daily attire. Not wonderland Alice, my Aunt Alice. Anyway…I’m Nessie. It’s nice to meet you all?
Third-Person: (250 words minimum)
Wuthering Heights lays on the work bench unopened and Nessie sits curled up in the discarded bucket seat of a sports car. Her arm is folded beneath her head and she’s watching Jacob with a particular intensity. He’s got on a pair of jeans that hang low on his hips and as usual he’s missing his shirt. There’s a red shop rag hanging out of the waistband of the pants. He glances up at her and grins, raking a hand through hair that’s down to his shoulders.
“Gonna read today?”
Nessie shakes her head in response, eyes still fixed on Jacob. Quiet isn’t anything abnormal for her but not touching him while she’s being ‘quiet’ is. She doesn’t trust her thoughts right now, doesn’t understand them enough to share them with anyone.
“I like the quiet today.”
She knows he notices that she’s staring because his expression changes to something she can’t identify. That alone disturbs her. Until recently she would have said there was nothing about Jacob she didn’t know. She’s grown up sheltered. That fact hasn’t escaped her. They’re careful about going into town because she grows too fast, changes too much and the people in Forks are bound to notice. The Cullens have become recluses and Nessie doesn’t mind. She’s got all of her aunts and uncles, her grandparents, Jacob’s pack and she goes to the reservation often enough with him. If she really gets cabin fever, she and Jacob go to Port Angeles for the day but right now she wishes they got out more. She chews on her bottom lip as she watches him work on the car. There’s a smear of grease across his forearm that her eyes keep going back to. She wonders why all boys don’t look like Jacob. Of course until recently it never mattered to her how Jacob looked. He was just Jacob. She knows what’s happening; she’s growing up but knowing doesn’t always mean understanding and there’s no one to talk to. At least no one who understands how everything shifts, twisting from best friend to noticing the way the muscles play across best friend’s shoulders when he reaches across the car to pick up a wrench. Claire is the only one who will get it in time but she’s so far behind, still playing Barbies and making Quil dress up in pretty princess clothes. Talking to Mom is out because she’s intent on keeping Nessie a little girl just a little while longer. She’d rather Bella not break Jacob’s collarbone today.

That leaves Alice; one of the few people who seems excited that Nessie growing up. She teases her about Jacob, talks about flirting like it’s normal and helps her pick out clothes that aren’t a little girl’s. Nessie uncurls from her seat, walks over to Jacob and lays her hand on his waist, clearly telegraphing her intention to talk to Alice. Words really aren’t her thing today.

“Sure, sure. I’m going to finish this then go for a run. I’ll be back in time for dinner.”

That only gets a nod out of Nessie as she slips out of the garage, heading toward the house. She doesn’t talk to Alice when she finds her either, just wraps her arms around her, hand on the back of her favorite Aunt’s neck. Alice is quiet for a minute, just ‘listening’ then she smiles and pulls back, taking Nessie’s chin in her hand so that she can look in her eyes.

“Nessie, I don’t have to be able to see your future to know that you and Jacob are right on track.” She slides her hand over Nessie’s shoulder and down her arm to twine their fingers together. “Go get some ice cream. I’ll put a girl movie on in my room and we’ll talk about kissing.”

Renesmee knew Alice would understand.

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